New Version of Looptastic HD for iPad

New Version of Top 5 iPad Music App, Looptastic HD, Gets Mobile Musicians in Sync Free upgrade of Sound Trends’ bestselling live remix app adds most requested features for on the go DJs and producers. 
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New Version of Top-5 iPad Music App, Looptastic HD, Gets Mobile Musicians in Sync

Free upgrade of Sound Trends’ bestselling live remix app adds most-requested features for on-the-go DJs and producers.

Seattle, May 20, 2010: Looptastic HD, which hit #2 in paid iPad music apps when the “world’s first iPad DJ” named it her favorite app, gains several highly requested performance features in the new version 1.2. This free upgrade for current owners adds:

PERFORMANCE TEMPO CONTROL — three fast ways to get in sync

·Tap Tempo, the top user request, adjusts Looptastic HD’s master tempo to help performers match other gear, songs, or musicians. Just tap the screen on the beat and Looptastic HD locks in.

·Tempo Nudge buttons momentarily raise or lower Looptastic’s tempo to ease the groove back into the pocket.

·Direct Tempo Input enables the performer to input a precise tempo between 40 and 250 bpm (with 0.1 bpm resolution) using the iPad's large onscreen keyboard.

REVERSE PLAYBACK — add dramatic backwards sound effects to the mix

·Looptastic’s unique Scratch Strip now enables performers to reverse the selected loop instantly during playback for ear-catching variations.

·The Loop Toggle button is now implemented as two larger buttons — Always Playing and Touch To Play — for enhanced scratch control during live performance.

STUTTER EFFECTS — realtime sample-slicing is perfect for glitch and build-ups

·Looptastic HD’s X-Y effects pad now has three new rhythmic effects designed in collaboration with virtuoso performer Jordan Rudess. Like all Looptastic effects, these work on any or all of the three mixer zones.

·Stutter Looped lets performers trigger and repeat sounds via the X-axis and warp pitch via the Y-axis.

·Stutter Stepped adds stuttering effects based on note lengths (1/8, 1/6, 1/32, etc.).

·Stutter Gate clips the mix rhythmically for a more percussive-sounding stutter effect.

Looptastic HD Features 

·Widescreen, feature-enhanced version of Sound Trends’ original Looptastic app series for the iPhone, an Apple Staff Favorite. Puts all performance controls on one page of the iPad’s lusciously large screen.

·Load up to 32 stereo loops from different Loop Sets; play, effect-process, and mix up to 26 at a time.

·Free in-app downloading of 900 high-quality audio loops spanning Ambient, Breakbeat, Drum ’n’ Bass, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Minimal, Progressive House, Reggaeton, and Trance genres.

·12 realtime effects with X-Y pad control, including Bit Crusher, Filtering, Flanger, Delay, Glitchy Repeater, and three new Stutter effects. Combine multiple effects with the Hold button.

·Automatically time-stretches all loops to fit the master tempo.

·Triple-zone mixer with crossfader for cues and breakdowns; apply effects to any zone.

·Unique Scratch Strip retriggers a loop from anywhere in the waveform while maintaining rhythmic sync.

·Import audio from computer (AIFF, WAV, and Ogg format) via Wi-Fi.

·Import audio from compatible applications via Sonoma Wire Works AudioPaste.

·Sample live through the iPad mic (or connected hardware) to create new loops.

·Capture and export performances via Wi-Fi to Mac or PC as 16-bit stereo AIFF files.

·Available now from the iTunes Store for $14.99:

The Looptastic Experience

Mixing with Looptastic is easy and tactile. Just load a Loop Set and drag loop icons into one of three mixer zones. Multitouch support lets you grab up to five loops at once. Dragging loops vertically controls their volume. A DJ crossfader controls the balance of left and right zones, facilitating breakdowns, transforms, and live sound-swapping. Loops in the center zone always play to keep the performance grooving. Load new sounds without stopping the music and shape the sound on the fly with 12 performance effects and the unique Scratch Strip. 

About the Developer

Sound Trends, LLC (, is dedicated to making innovative music apps for mobile producers, DJs, and electronic musicians. Apple named the original Looptastic app for iPhone and iPod Touch an Apple Staff Favorite; the flagship Looptastic HD for iPad won rave reviews as a “killer app” for music, charting as high as #2 in paid iPad music apps on the iTunes App Store.