New for iOS: Wizdom Music GeoShred

New product from Moforte and Jordan Rudess's Wizdom Music
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Any keyboardist will tell you, a gestural control interface is only as good as the instrument that follows it. That’s why moForte ( has collaborated with Jordan Rudess’s Wizdom Music to implement his popular isomorphic GUI in the iOS app GeoShred, a physically modeled virtual guitar and effects package.

From its intuitive note layout, you can utilize up to 6 individual virtual strings in an independent, expressive manner. In addition to realistic control over modeled feedback and distortion, you have the ability to gliss, bend notes, and add modulation and filtering based on finger position and movement.

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The preset editor lets you map parameters to notes, buttons, sliders, and the x/y controller, and set up and control a custom chain of modeled effects. The sound is completely generated by the app itself—no samples—and processing resources are remarkably light: During our demo with a late Beta version, less than 45 percent of the iPad’s CPU was being used for polyphonic playing of complex guitar-and-effects setups.

Watch for a full review of GeoShred in an upcoming of issue of Keyboard magazine.