Native Instruments Releases Traktor DJ App for iOS

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Berlin, May 2, 2013 – Native Instruments today released the TRAKTOR DJ
for iPhone App, available now on the App Store for iPhone and iPod
touch. Following the release of the unique, hands-on DJ app for iPad,
TRAKTOR DJ for iPhone delivers the same intuitive workflow and advanced
feature set as the iPad version, with an optimized interface to fit the
screen real estate of iPhone and iPod touch. The TRAKTOR DJ for iPhone
App is aimed at DJs of all levels from novices to touring professionals.
Users of TRAKTOR PRO, Native Instruments' flagship DJ software for Mac
and PC, can also complement their setups with bidirectional content
synchronization with TRAKTOR DJ for iPhone.

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The release of TRAKTOR DJ for iPhone is the realization of one of Native
Instruments' long-term visions – to use touch-controlled waveform
displays to create a more direct way to interact with music. The success
of the iPad version demonstrates this new paradigm has been eagerly
adopted by the DJ and wider iOS community.

TRAKTOR DJ for iPhone follows its iPad counterpart in putting the
waveform at the center of user interaction. A user interface optimized
for the iPhone's screen size delivers the same dedicated 3-band EQ and
filter sections, and 8 proven TRAKTOR effects as the iPad version. Users
can view both decks simultaneously or use the convenient touch slider to
quickly adjust the size of each waveform in relation to the other. This
allows users to set loops, perform scratches, mark cue points for live
re-editing, and scrub, browse or navigate through tracks with the same
precision and ease available to iPad users – all in the most portable
version of the industry-leading professional DJ software to date.

Also on board are TRAKTOR DJ's advanced performance features. Freeze
Mode lets users slice up a waveform into playable parts for on-the-fly
remixing and entirely new musical performances. Users can also create
beat grids in real time, intuitively mapping out a song's groove without
having to stop the music. TRAKTOR's refined automatic tempo detection,
sync engine, and precise downbeat analysis make beat mixing completely
straightforward and free users to creatively interact with their music
via the touch interface. A powerful recommendation engine uses advanced
tempo, key, and timbre detection algorithms to recommend compatible
tracks with the same tempo and harmonic structure in real time. This
allows users of all levels to create smooth and earpleasing mixes. Users
have access not only to their TRAKTOR collection, but also the music
available on their iPhone or iPod touch. And thanks to TRAKTOR DJ's
Notification Center, users learn the app at their own pace,
unobtrusively receiving tips, tricks, and techniques from within the app.

TRAKTOR DJ bi-directionally syncs track settings and properties with
TRAKTOR PRO. This gives DJs an ideal workflow for planning a set when on
the move. Users can also transfer their stored work in TRAKTOR PRO
directly to TRAKTOR DJ – all beat grids, cue points, loops and BPM
counts seamlessly transfer between iPhone and TRAKTOR PRO and back via a
free Dropbox account. Additionally, because of the powerful Core Audio
engine built into iOS, TRAKTOR DJ for iPhone also offers ultra-low
latency playback, manipulation and recording while also supporting
professional class compliant hardware audio interfaces, such as the
TRAKTOR AUDIO 6 and 10, something currently not possible on any other
mobile platform. DJs can connect these and other devices to their iPhone
using the Camera Connection Kit™ for optimum audio quality and
pre-listen and cue functionality, or via a splitter cable with dedicated
cue and master controls. All of this allows TRAKTOR DJ users to easily
record their mixes live on their iPhone, or pump their music out to the
house in the highest quality possible.

TRAKTOR DJ for iPhone is available for $ 4.99 / 4.49 € / 450 ¥ from the
App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at

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