Native Instruments Releases Symphony Series – String Ensemble

44GB orchestral library for $499 or $299 for Komplete users.
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Today Native Instruments expanded its premium Symphony Series sound library line with String Ensemble, a collection of 44GB of uncompressed samples recorded by the 60-piece Budapest Symphony Orchestra. The sounds were captured for high quality and realism, and the interface is designed for fast scoring while maintaining that realism.

One key to that goal is the Audio Divisi function, where the user can play chords and lines, and the software distributes them to the different Divisi sections. Doing this leaves the polyphonic legato and portamento expressions intact, so that it still sounds natural. The sounds also have detailed miking and mixing options, including four separate microphone mixes to choose.

String Ensemble is totally integrated with Komplete Kontrol keyboards and runs inside Kontakt 5/Kontakt 5 Player. It's for sale now at $499 or $299 crossgrade pricing for Komplete bundle owners.

The demos on the String Ensemble page sound quite impressive.

Overview video: 

Another video explaining the Auto Divisi function: