Native Instruments Introduces Scarbee Funk Guitarist

Berlin, February 24th, 2011 – Native Instruments just introduced SCARBEEFUNK GUITARIST, a new KONTAKT based software instrument that puts ahighly expressive and versatile virtual funk guitar at the hands ofproducers. For use in the KONTAKT 4 sampler and in the
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Berlin, February 24th, 2011 – Native Instruments just introduced SCARBEE
FUNK GUITARIST, a new KONTAKT-based software instrument that puts a
highly expressive and versatile virtual funk guitar at the hands of
producers. For use in the KONTAKT 4 sampler and in the free KONTAKT
PLAYER, it provides an unlimited range of authentic, sophisticated
rhythm guitar lines for funk, soul, hip hop, house, pop and other
contemporary styles.

At the heart of SCARBEE FUNK GUITARIST is an extremely flexible and
intuitive phrase concept that allows users to seamlessly combine
different guitar grooves and chord types via the MIDI keyboard, allowing
for natural harmonic progressions and completely authentic funk
phrasings. The integrated groove sequencer maintains a constant and
natural rhythmic flow, while articulations like up and down strokes,
mutes, hammer-ons and slides are triggered automatically by the
intelligent script-based engine of the instrument.

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SCARBEE FUNK GUITARIST was produced by renowned sampling expert Thomas
Scarbee together with accomplished studio guitarist Soren Reiff and
leading KONTAKT scripting specialist Nils Liberg. The instrument is
based on over 3,000 chords that were painstakingly recorded in various
voicings, multiple velocities and with all relevant articulations,
resulting in over 130,000 individual chord samples. For the sampling
process, a specially modified guitar with hand-selected highest-quality
components was used, equipped with a special pickup configuration that
allowed multiple pickup positions to be captured simultaneously.

A multitude of advanced customization features in SCARBEE FUNK GUITARIST
allows producers to create intricate individual guitar grooves for any
musical context. Making full use of the powerful GUI functions in
KONTAKT 4, the instrument includes a full-featured graphical groove
editor, an integrated play-along bass, a versatile chord finder,
automatic chord recognition via MIDI and more. SCARBEE FUNK GUITARIST
also includes a comprehensive multi-effects section with a chain of
eight effects specifically suited for rhythm guitar, complete with a
wide selection of presets that recreate a multitude of funk guitar tones
from different musical eras.

SCARBEE FUNK GUITARIST is available for purchase in the NI Online Shop
on DVD and as a download for $119 / 99 EUR.

A demonstration video is available on YouTube at

Additional information on SCARBEE FUNK GUITARIST is available at