Native Instruments Announces KONTAKT 4

Major update to the leading soft sampler...

Berlin, September 1st, 2009 - Native Instruments today announced KONTAKT
4, a new version of the industry-leading software sampler. Taking the
unrivalled performance and versatility of KONTAKT for music production,
live performance and sound design even further, the fourth generation
adds powerful "Authentic Expression Technology," unique sample
compression, an extended studio-grade sound library complete with a
convenient new database system, and much more.

Already based on the most versatile sampler engine on the market,
KONTAKT 4 establishes the next level in sampling with the addition of
exclusive new Authentic Expression Technology (AET). With AET, the
dynamic tonal behaviour of original instruments can be replicated in new
and highly expressive ways. The technology enables the seamless
transformation between the spectral characteristics of different sounds,
achieved via a phase-corrected convolution technique based on FFT
analysis of the original sample. AET avoids the typical shortcomings of
conventional velocity layer techniques, and gives additional realism to
sampled instruments like strings, brass, woodwinds and choirs. AET also
makes it possible to combine and blend the spectral characteristics of
any set of sounds in real time, opening up vast new possibilities for
creative sound design.

KONTAKT 4 also overcomes existing performance barriers through a unique
sample compression technology that allows musicians and producers to get
substantially more out of their setups. Specifically developed for
KONTAKT, the new NCW compression format reduces sample size by up to 50
percent. During playback in KONTAKT 4, the sample material is
decompressed to its exact original format with minimal CPU load, and
without any loss in audio fidelity. This substantially widens the
typical performance bottleneck of today's computer systems, and results
in profound performance gains for complex multi-timbral arrangements and
high-polyphony instruments.

The acclaimed sound library of KONTAKT has been enhanced and expanded
once again in its fourth revision. A major addition is a full-featured
chamber choir collection, recorded exclusively for KONTAKT 4 and
equipped with AET-based vowel morphing controls. Further additions
include solo strings and a concert organ from the acclaimed VSL library,
as well as a painstakingly sampled Mellotron that complements the
extensive "Vintage" collection in the KONTAKT factory library. A new
professional impulse response library also expands the value of the
powerful convolution effect integrated in KONTAKT. Now at 44 GB, the
KONTAKT 4 factory library provides a comprehensive arsenal of acoustic
and synthetic instruments for all areas of professional composition and
music production.

To utilize the KONTAKT library in the most efficient way, KONTAKT 4 also
introduces a new sound browser with greatly enhanced convenience. Users
can search for instruments, multis, samples and even effect presets
based on clear musical attributes, making it easy to find the right
material for any application and context. Drag-and-Drop assignment and
support for custom attributes allow to easily manage even the most
diverse sound collections, and get the most out of the unparalleled
range of KONTAKT-compatible instrument content on the market.

Other improvements in KONTAKT 4 include the unique Kontakt Script
Processor (KSP), which now offers a whole new level of functionality
through powerful "Multi Scripts." The new version also offers greatly
enhanced design possibilities for Performance View panels, which brings
improved usability and a more distinctive look to KONTAKT-based instruments.

KONTAKT 4 will be available in October 2009 for a suggested retail
price of $399 / 379 EUR, and will also be part of the new KOMPLETE 6

An update for owners of previous versions of KONTAKT will be available
for $149 / 129 EUR.

More information on KONTAKT 4 including audio and video demos can be
found at