Native Instruments Announces Absynth 5

Major new version of NI's additive, semi-modular soft synth!
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Berlin, September 1st, 2009 - Native Instruments today announced ABSYNTH
5, a new generation of the acclaimed semi-modular software synthesizer
that is renowned for its unique evolving sounds and textures. The new
version enhances the profound sonic capabilities of ABSYNTH with
powerful additional synthesis and effects features as well as overall
improved audio quality, and offers an ingenious new way to create
complex sounds based on musical attributes.

Popular among professional composers and sound designers as a
distinctive instrument for innovative timbres and complex soundscapes,
ABSYNTH has now been upgraded with special sound shaping features that
further widen its remarkable sonic palette. A powerful "Supercomb
Filter" opens up a new world of physical modeling-type sounds with
intricate acoustic resonances, while the new granular-based "Cloud
Filter" can add both subtle and drastic spectral modulations. The
addition of filter feedback paths also enables a whole new range of
organic, gritty and unpredictable tones.

The versatile effects section of ABSYNTH has been expanded with the new
"Aetherizer," a unique algorithm that breaks up sound into microscopic
particles and rearranges them in complex ways, creating sophisticated
and previously unheard sound treatments. With all parameters available
for realtime modulation via versatile envelopes and MIDI control, the
Atherizer also supercharges the popular application of ABSYNTH as an
extraordinary creative effects processor for external audio material.

ABSYNTH 5 also introduces the "Mutator", an innovative feature that
enables intuitive sound creation and variation based on actual musical
terms. For any given preset, users can choose specific attributes from
the sound browser that they want to change the sound towards. The
software then analyzes other presets related to these attributes, and
adjusts the original patch to adapt the desired sound characteristic.
Combined with various customization options and an adjustable
randomization function, the Mutator allows all users of ABSYNTH 5 to
create unique and complex new sounds in an efficient and highly
convenient way.

The comprehensive sound library of ABSYNTH has been expanded with 250
new presets that make use of the new soundshaping features, resulting in
an arsenal of over 1,800 ready-to-play presets that are all easily
accessible through the integrated KORE-compatible sound browser. To
further refine the general audio quality, ABSYNTH 5 also utilizes new
oversampling algorithms in various stages of the signal path that enable
increased sonic clarity in the crucial upper frequency range.

ABSYNTH 5 will be available in October 2009 for a suggested retail price
of $199 / 179 EUR, and will also be part of the new KOMPLETE 6 bundle.
An update for owners of previous versions of ABSYNTH will be available
for $79 / 69 EUR.

More information on ABSYNTH 5 including audio demos can be found at