MakeMusic announces update and iPad version of SmartMusic education software

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Minneapolis – August 27, 2013 – MakeMusic, Inc. announced today the newest version of SmartMusic, its interactive learning software for music education.

In a time of increased emphasis on student assessment, academic accountability, and a national focus on adhering to educational standards, SmartMusic offers proactive solutions for music educators. The new features allow for more comprehensive documentation of student progress, as well as the greatest subscription flexibility in SmartMusic’s history.

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SmartMusic has always offered high-quality assessment of student performance, combined with strong tools for teachers to personalize assignments and document the growth of their students. This latest version expands and improves the tools available for teachers and features the following major enhancements:

  • Associate state standards to SmartMusic assignments for more comprehensive documentation.
  • Create your own rubrics with clear criteria for student-centered assessment.
  • Ability to access SmartMusic from multiple devices with the same subscription.
  • Interact with a new, modern, intuitive interface that is more accessible than ever.
  • Many additional “under the hood” improvements to installation and performance.

“SmartMusic transforms the way students practice and is the ideal music learning software for music programs across the country. With our latest release, we have made it easier for teachers to have an efficient and practical way of incorporating state standards in their curriculum. Since standards help define what should be taught and learned, being able to document them with any SmartMusic assignment is beneficial to the educational process. Used in conjunction with the new rubrics feature, teachers have powerful tools to help guide and assess student learning,” said Karen VanDerBosch, CEO.

SmartMusic is available for download at and is also available for the iPad. The latest update is free to current subscribers.

More information about SmartMusic and other MakeMusic brands can be found at

ABOUT MAKEMUSIC, INC. MakeMusic®, Inc. is a world leader in music technology whose mission is to develop and market solutions that transform how music is composed, taught, learned, and performed. For 25 years, Finale® has been the industry standard in music notation software, enabling musicians worldwide to create, edit, audition, print, and public musical scores.

MakeMusic’s SmartMusic® interactive software transforms the way students practice. With an online library of thousands of band, orchestra, and vocal pieces, students practice with background accompaniment and receive immediate feedback on their performance. Teachers leverage SmartMusic to individualize instruction and document the progress of every student.

MakeMusic mobile apps include Finale Songbook™ and SmartMusic on iPad®. MakeMusic is also the owner of Garritan® sound libraries, providing state-of-the-art virtual instruments with the playback quality of a live performance, and MusicXML™, the internet-friendly way to publish musical scores, distribute interactive sheet music, and share music notation with a wide variety of software programs. Additional information about this Minnesota company can be found at