Lower Prices New Bundles from Vienna Instruments

New Lower Prices and New Bundles Vienna Symphonic Library celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary with lower prices and a preview of VIENNA INSTRUMENTS PRO Vienna, May 3, 2010 – The
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New Lower Prices and New Bundles

Vienna Symphonic Library celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary with lower prices and a preview of VIENNA INSTRUMENTS PRO

Vienna, May 3, 2010 – The Vienna Symphonic Library celebrates ten years of innovation and passion, marking the occasion with a major price reduction on most DVD Collections. In addition, seven new product bundles at even lower prices are being introduced. What’s more, the company announces Vienna Instruments PRO, the next generation of the Vienna Instruments Player Software.

10 Year Anniversary

10 years ago, the cellist, composer and film director Herb Tucmandl was about to launch a company that would bring to life a vision he’d been working on for many years. Today, riding the wave of awards, professional acclaim, and a huge international community of users, more than 1.5 million samples have been published. The Vienna Symphonic Library has become the largest sample library in the world. Advancing to software development, the team created pioneering solutions for composers and musicians. Vienna Instruments, Vienna Ensemble PRO, Vienna Suite, and Vienna MIR are significant achievements that have fundamentally influenced the way music is made.

Lower Prices on most DVD Collections

The Vienna Symphonic Library team celebrates this anniversary with a major price decrease on most DVD Collections, both Standard and Extended Libraries. Reflecting the current shifts in exchange rates, the US-$ prices have been lowered even more. As an example, the Symphonic Cube (10 DVD Collections) is now priced at €5,980 / $7,470 (instead of €9,200 / $12,460), the flagship Vienna Super Package with all 22 DVD Collections is now available for €9,980 / $12,480 (instead of €16,265 / $21,445).

New Product Bundles

In addition to the lower prices, six new bundles are being introduced: Solo Strings Bundle, Chamber Strings Bundle, Orchestral Strings Bundle, Appassionata Strings Bundle, Woodwinds Bundle, and Brass Bundle, each including two or three DVD Collections. The already existing bundles, Strings Package, Winds Package, and Keyboards Package continue to be offered under their new names, Strings Complete, Winds Complete, and Keyboards Complete. They are complemented by another new bundle, Percussion Complete.

The Next Generation: VIENNA ENSEMBLE PRO

Celebrating its first decade of innovation, the Vienna Symphonic Library is proudly announcing Vienna Instruments PRO. The all-new sample player is slated for release this summer, packed with groundbreaking features and new capabilities that will add more creativity and human behavior to virtual orchestral music production with Vienna Instruments. Major new features include the ability to control the performance accuracy of the user’s virtual musicians, a high-class time stretch algorithm, assignable tuning scales, new controller types for enhanced switching intelligence, as well as the easy assembling and stacking of patches with individual access to EQ, routing, timing and tuning per articulation.

The new Vienna Instruments PRO player will load all existing and future Vienna Instruments sample collections. While the current Vienna Instrument Player will still be included as free software with any Vienna Instruments Collection, Vienna Instruments PRO will be available for download at a moderate price.

About the Vienna Symphonic Library

The Vienna Symphonic Library is an innovative, research-driven music software and sample library developer based in Vienna, Austria. The team continually strives to improve on the concept of virtual orchestral music production with special regard to authenticity and ease-of-use. Vienna Instruments, the company’s virtual instruments in AU/VST/RTAS formats, encompass an exhaustive range of solo instruments and ensembles. Beyond instruments, Vienna MIR is the first ever whole-space mixing and reverberation solution based on Multi-Impulse Response convolution. The Vienna Suiteaudio plug-ins encompass nine high-end mixing and mastering tools, offering full 64-bit processing on all major 64-bit and 32-bit host platforms. The completely revamped Vienna Ensemble PRO is the first comprehensive and universal mixing-host with 3rd party plug-in support for stand-alone and cross-platform network applications. More information on the company’s DVD and download products can be found at www.vsl.co.at.