Learn Popular Songs with Skoove

Interactive online course lets you learn songs at your own pace
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Skoove (skoove.com) is an Internet-based lesson system (for ages 12 through adult) that lets you learn at your own pace while getting real-time feedback as you work through the exercises. Skoove’s “listen, learn, play” technique dissects songs into easy-to-digest chunks, suitable for beginners and intermediate players.

You can try Skoove Basic for free and get a handful of sample lessons. When you sign up, you create a unique user profile that stores the progress you make during your lessons. Once you’ve created your personal account, connect a keyboard controller to your computer and fire up your web browser.

To take your skills further, sign up for Skoove Premium for $9.95 per month. Premium membership gives you access to all of the courses currently available, as well as new courses as they are added. The lessons are available in both English and German. Whether you’re new to the piano or just want to relearn the instrument, Skoove could be the impetus you need.