Kurzweil PC3K Debuts at Super Bowl XLIV with The Who

Keyboardist John “Rabbit” Bundrick rocks with the Kurzweil PC3K for The Who’s Super Bowl halftime show
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Appearing before the largest U.S. televised audience in TV history, The Who took the stage for the Super Bowl Halftime show, delivering a medley of iconic rock masterpieces that helped define the sound of an entire generation. At the epicenter of the performance was the new Kurzweil PC3K.

0210 Kurzweil Super Bowl

And who better to unveil the PC3K than John “Rabbit” Bundrick, the band’s primary keyboardist since the late 70s? Amid a stunning display of lasers and fireworks, Rabbit delivered his own pyrotechnics on the keys, alongside rock legends Pete Townsend and Roger Daltrey.

“The highlight of my career? Playing the Super Bowl with The Who,” said Bundrick. “But best of all, I had Kurzweil with me all the way. No other keyboard would have carried it off like my new PC3K.”

With the ability to load legacy K-Series samples, .WAV and .AIFF files, along with game-changing technology that allows user samples to remain intact when power is turned off, the PC3K has generated instant wide-spread demand across the industry from high profile keyboardists like Bundrick.

Players can now combine nearly two decades' worth of Kurzweil sound libraries with the PC3K's cutting-edge Dynamic V.A.S.T. synthesis engine, underscoring once again Kurzweil's commitment to non-obsolescence by design.

For more information about the Kurzweil PC3k, please visit: http://www.kurzweil.com/NewsStory.php?id=215