Kurzweil Artis Stage Piano Sneak Peek

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It's no secret that Kurzweil has been repurposing and revoicing the same triple-strike grand piano sample for about ten years now. And it's a good sample, still quite serviceable in a rock or dance band context. But with today's piano sample sets often measured in gigabytes, Kurzweil realized it was high time for a major refresh in the piano department.

Enter the ARTIS, a new stage piano / all-around synth keyboard introduced at Musikmesse 2013. It features all new samples of what the company is calling a "German grand," as well as many new synth, percussion, and other bread-and-butter sounds. 

We're slated to get one of the first production unit available in the USA, but for now, here's a video sneak peek shot by German music technology site Delamar.