Korg Releases Free M1 Sound Library for Krome Music Workstation

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SUMMER NAMM, NASHVILLE, TN, July 11th, 2013 - Korg announces the release of a free bonus sound library for the KROME Music Workstation* that focuses on some of the most recognizable sounds from Korg's original Music Workstation - the iconic M1. The M1 for Krome collection offers 100 Programs and 100 Combinations, which were intricately ported for use in KROME. The download also includes a collection of 10 demo sequences featuring the M1 sounds.

About Korg M1:
Originally launched in 1988, M1 represented the first in what would become a new genre of instrument - the Music Workstation. Featuring PCM-based sounds that were ahead of their time, multi-effects, and an eight-track onboard sequencer, M1 helped musicians create complete, professional productions on a single, integrated product. It went on to become one of the top-selling keyboards of its time.

Program highlights include:

F000 Universe - Ambient, ethereal, and one of the most recognizable and unique sounds the M1 had to offer

F001 Piano 16' - The classic M1 piano remains a staple within multiple genres of music today. It's recreated here with its unmistakable timbre and attack

F017 Organ 2 - Over the years, this distinctive organ sound became a staple bass sound for some quite notable house and pop tracks

F030 Lore - Another distinct ambient sound effect; bathed in rich reverb to provide a "liquid" sound all its own

F046 Slap Bass - The uniquely sharp electric bass sound that went on to become the sound of a very popular TV sitcom in the 1990s

Combination highlights include:

D000 FilmScore - A moody meeting of choirs, pianos and tubular bells

D009 Bass & Piano - A go-to split ideal for solo gigs, featuring the well-known M1 piano and a smooth acoustic upright bass

D063 Madness - An edgy, highly metallic solo sound with a timbre all its own

D077 Sax Section - A expressive brass section suitable for a wide range of uses

D089 Luna-Pad - FM-like bells meet analog-style strings to create a combination that cuts through while adding a warm, spatial pad to the mix

M1 for KROME is now available as a free download at www.korg.com/krome. Click here to watch a demo video containing dozens of M1 sounds.

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