Korg Announces ARP ODYSSEi For iOS

Korg has brought the sound and functionality of the classic ARP Odyssey analog monosynth to iOS.
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With the ARP ODYSSEi Mobile Analog Synthesizer for iOS, Korg brings the sound and functionality of this classic analog monosynth to the iPad and iPhone. The software faithfully models the circuits of all three versions of the ARP Odyssey and adds new functionality to allow further possibilities beyond the unique sounds the keyboard is famous for.

Korg has used its proprietary Circuit Modeling Technology (CMT) to model the original as closely as possible. In addition to the three filter types and the Drive function available on Korg's 2015 hardware version, ARP ODYSSEi offers a new voice-assign mode that allows you to play chords, an arpeggiator that can be programmed much like a step sequencer, and effects that can transform the sound. Moreover, the ARP ODYSSEi can be used in conjunction with the Korg Gadget music production DAW app, is compatible with Audiobus and Inter-App Audio, and can also be used in Apple GarageBand. 

ARP ODYSSEi is available for download from the App Store with an introductory price of $19.99 through November 30th. To learn more visit korg.com. Check out a video of the new app here:

Here are a few more views of the app. 

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