Keyboard’s 2016 NAMM Show Editors’ Picks, Day 1

Analog synths, software, a new Roli controller and more.
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Day 1 of the NAMM show definitely feels like Christmas morning for spoiled music technology fanatics. There’s so much to get into, and you can’t wait to see every new thing. But as soon as you get a taste of one thing, it’s on to the next.

We hope to go in-depth with a lot of this gear later, but so far, the big deal of this show seems to be analog synthesis: modular, semi-modular and self-contained. There’s some cool new controllers on hand as well, and while we can’t get to everything on Day 1, as much as we’d like to, we’ll have Editor’s Picks for every day of the show, as well as our full continuing coverage at and our comprehensive NAMM 2016 report in the April 2016 issue of KEYBOARD.

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