2018 NAMM Picks - Day 1


Keyboards abound at the 2018 Winter NAMM show. Here are our five favorites from the Day 1 floor.


1. Ravenworks Digital/Kawai VPC1

Ravenscroft has really made a name for themselves in the acoustic piano world, while their digital collaboration with Kawai’s hammer-action controller has been equally well-received. This is a beautiful shell with choice piano samples and real hammers inside. A solid gigging or recording keyboard.


2. Grotrian Cabinet Grand

This piano is notable for reasons beyond its exceptional action and tone. The finish is powder-coated matte black, done to make it more durable for high-traffic areas like schools and auditoriums. Industrial, yet classy!


3. Fazioli NYT Line

This sleek, futuristic piano case looks like a spaceship. It’s a radical design departure for the Italian company but at its heart is a lovely and vibrant Fazioli grand piano. 


4. Viscount Physis Piano 

Along with the new Viscount modeling organs comes the Physis piano, which uses no samples or recordings to create its sound. Using new physical modeling software, Physis creates a dynamic and customizable instrument that’s easy to play. It's hard to believe these keyboards are sample-free!


5. Kawai Novus NV10

A longtime make of both acoustic and digital pianos, Kawai has worked with hanmer-action digital technology for many years in their MP series keyboards. The Novus takes that tech a step further with an authentic damper mechanism. It’s an interesting development in the hybrid world, though it’s hard to tell if it will catch on across the industry.