Kawai Introduces GX Blak Series Pianos

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(Hamamatsu, Japan) – Kawai, one of the world’s largest makers of acoustic and digital pianos, is proud to introduce the GX BLAK Series—the company’s first new line of grand pianos in eighteen years. Succeeding the highly-acclaimed RX Series line that had been named “Acoustic Piano Line of the Year” for three consecutive years in MMR Magazine’s “Dealers’ Choice Awards,” the new GX BLAK Series features several important structural enhancements and longer key lengths that dramatically improve tone, touch and stability for the discerning pianist.

The GX BLAK Series is a collection of six grand piano models offering one consistent level of professional quality. All models include the exclusive Millennium III Action featuring components made of ABS-Carbon, a composite material created by the infusion of advanced carbon fiber into Kawai’s renowned ABS Styran (the ground-breaking composite that has been used successfully in Kawai piano actions for over forty years). ABS-Carbon parts are lighter without sacrificing strength, which produces an action that is faster and more stable than conventional piano actions.

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The GX models also feature a new structural concept called “Stretcher Over-Lap Integrated Design,” known by the acronym SOLID. With SOLID Construction, the “stretcher bar” that connects the two opposing sides of the rim is extraordinarily wide to overlap the pinblock which is fitted to the iron plate. When these three elements are integrated into a single structure and solidly anchored to the rim, the result is remarkable structural integrity that ensures stable tuning and powerful tone over years of use.

Other GX enhancements include extended key lengths that make playing easier and provide more even response from the front to the back of the playing surface, maple key buttons that are doubled in length to add stiffness to the keys and provide greater power, and Kawai’s new Konsei Katagi rim that uses a blend of distinct hardwoods to achieve an ideal balance of tone.

“We are very proud of these new instruments,” said Brian Chung, Senior Vice President of Kawai America Corporation. “Our intention behind every new launch is to raise the bar for the piano industry. Kawai has been the technological pioneer in piano building for over forty years. The GX BLAK Series represents another step in our continuing effort to advance the future of the piano.”

Kawai is a global corporation with over $750 million in worldwide sales and distribution in virtually every major market in the world. From its beginnings in 1927 in Hamamatsu, Japan, the company has been committed to an ongoing quest to perfect the art of the piano. Kawai is the world’s third largest musical instrument manufacturer – and is one of the few piano companies in the world still led by members of its founding family.