JZ to launch budget J Series with new J1 microphone

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Riga, January 14 – After the huge success of Vintage V11 microphone, JZ Microphones
decided to expand product range with a budget series named simply – J and it’s first
product being J1. Although targeted to more budget oriented bedroom studios, J1 is still

completely handcrafted in Latvia, EU under the supervision of Juris Zarins.

J1 will be housed in a flat shaped and grey coloured body with a shockmount already
included in the set. Wire mesh grill will be covering the capsule with active diaphrragm of
21MM. This brand new capsule is produced using JZ Microphones patented Golden Drop


Microphone is announced to be shipping from July 1, 2013 and assumed street price is 399
USD which makes it affordable to bedroom studios in the same time being tested and liked

by professionals worldwide.

JZ Microphones (www.jzmic.com) was established in 2007 in Riga, Latvia, by designer and
jeweler Juris Zarins, capitalizing upon 20 years of experience in microphone restoration. JZ
Mirophones itself provides a wide range of large diaphragm condenser microphones, starting from
the highly appraised Black Hole series and ending with the classical Vintage series. This range is
supplemented by small diaphragm BT series and Limited Edition series products. Recent addition
Flamingo series - a high class tube microphones was a logical step forward in an ongoing pursuit to
satisfy all of the end user’s needs without compromise.