Jungle City - Savior of the Studio Scene

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Jungle City Studios is the brainchild of Ann Mincieli, the extremely gifted audio engineer we encountered when we interviewed Alicia Keys back in June 2010. Painstaking attention to detail has been put into everything from the gear to the cabling to the acoustics to the aesthetic and ergonomic nuances of every room. So much so, in fact, that Jungle City would have to be at or very near the top of any short list of the very finest recording facilities in the world. It's attracted the attention of Vanity Fair, the New York Times, and now, thanks to Ann's generosity with her time and knowledge, Keyboard.

Ann invited us on a video tour where she explained virtually every detail of every room. The first of the clips below runs a bit longer than usual, but rather than chopping it into smaller clips, we found ourselves hanging on her every word--as we think you will too.

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