Joué Introduces re-Connect, the Native MIDI Cable for the Joué Modular Controller

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Joué introduces re-Connect, the Native MIDI cable for its expressive and modular controller.

re-Connect allows to control any MIDI capable hardware synth with the Joué without need of a computer or external interface in between.

Modern expressive controllers are well connected to the digital world, especially to computers, tablets and smartphones. However, lots of musicians are using legendary gears that don’t have USB capabilities, and connecting them together can rapidly become a nightmare.

On its quest to simplify electronic musicians’ life, Joué introduces re-Connect to fill the gap between these 2 worlds.

Thanks to the re-Connect technology, the Joué board automatically detects the cable and switch from MIDI over USB to a standard MIDI interface.

A live demonstration of re-Connect is available on the Joué booth, West Wing W330 at Superbooth 2018.

The USB to MIDI Din cable will be available in September.

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