IZ Technology Corporation launches RADAR 6

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Updates flagship multi-track recorder with the ultimate sound quality, higher speed, extreme reliability, and modern flexibility

AES Booth #505 -- San Francisco, CA (October 27, 2012) -- iZ Technology Corporation, manufacturer of innovative music and audio products, has launched RADAR 6 at the 133rd AES Convention in San Francisco. RADAR, the premier choice for hard disk multi-track recording and playback employed by recording studios, scoring stages, theaters, and post production houses around the world, has been updated with new features and improved speed, storage technology, editing, audio performance and user interface.

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RADAR has long been the recording platform that offers the highest sound quality on the market. Built with world-class converters, Adrenaline DR technology, dual digital/analog power supplies, near-zero jitter, and near-zero latency up to 192kHz, RADAR systems transcend the digital barriers of sonic quality.

Thanks to RADAR 6‚s new storage architecture, recording and moving files is fast and easy. You can record 24 tracks at 192 kHz to a 64 or 128 GB SD card and plug it directly into your laptop for use with your favorite DAW. Record and/or copy and deliver tracks in seconds on a USB 3.0 thumb drive. Or record directly to RADAR‚s high-speed solid-state drives for maximum performance. RADAR‚s open storage architecture gives you the most options.

New features of RADAR 6:

Sound Quality: World-class Classic 96 and Ultra Nyquist converters and the new Adrenaline DR technology
Speed: Direct SATA recording for over 2 times faster cueing editing and data transfers
Storage: Solid state SATA, USB 3.0, thumb drives and remote network access make recording and file transfer fast and flexible
Portability: nearly 40% shorter and 14 lbs lighter than RADAR V
Improved user interface: full front panel controls with tactile transport keys and a comprehensive high resolution multi-page touch screen supporting industry standard wide screen resolutions
Editing: Comprehensive editing from the front panel touch screen as well as a virtual meter bridge, touch-screen macro keys, multiple mark in/out markers for batch exports and audio CD creation from a single project
Acoustic Noise: control room ready with super quiet low speed power supply fan and all solid-state storage drives
Cost: RADAR 6 has a lower retail price than RADAR V
One of the best-known features of RADAR is its extreme reliability. The use of top-quality components and attention to extreme detail in the analogue domain guarantees that RADAR‚s physical hardware will perform under continuous recording and last for years. There are RADAR systems still operating today after almost two decades of constant use.

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Plus, recording with RADAR is as simple as it should be: Turn it on, hit the record button. That‚s it. There are no layers of unintuitive technology getting in the way, just pure, unencumbered tracking. RADAR systems are also fully customizable. With choices of 3 different converter card designs available in 8, 16, or 24 channel configurations, 4 multi-channel digital I/Os, and a wide variety of backup and recording drive options, RADAR is the most configurable multi-track recorder available today.

Pricing and Availability: Starting at under $8,600 USD. Available now at www.iZcorp.com.

About iZ Technology Corporation
iZ Technology Corporation, a Canadian owned and operated company, has been developing visionary music and audio products for close to 25 years. Their renowned RADAR line of multi-track audio recorders and the unparalleled ADA A/D & D/A audio converters have helped thousands of customers realize their goals by delivering excellence and innovation in recording products of the highest quality. iZ is known for their uncompromising commitment to sound quality, rock solid reliability, extreme ease of use, and industry-leading technical support.
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