Interest in Piano Holds Steady Since 2004, While Other Keyboards Have Waned

Google analysis results from Digital Music News show that interest in keyboards, keytars and synthesizers have gone down.
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Last week, we pointed you to graphics from Digital Music News showing that almost every music genre except for electronic dance music went down in popularity from 2005 to now.

The blog has published a new set of graphics showing the interest levels in 26 instruments since 2004. Piano has generally retained its interested level, while singing has gone up and the keyboard, keytar and synthesizer have gone down.

Not surprisingly, the popularity of jazz flute has never recovered to the level it enjoyed when Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy came out on video.

Go see the full results for 26 instruments on Digital Music News. (Hint: get ready for a whole lotta ukulele love in 2016!)