Harrison Delivers Unique Drum Character Plugin for Mixbus

The XT-DC Utilizes 2 Separate Equalizers
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Harrison just announced the release of a unique and innovative new plugin in the Mixbus XT-series... the XT-DC Drum Character plugin with the new Release of Mixbus Ver 3.2.

The XT-DC Drum Character plugin, the newest addition to the Character Bundle, provides powerful DSP to equalize the two different parts of a drum "hit" separately by dividing the initial attack from the remaining tail. Threshold and attack window parameter adjustments are provided. Basic presets are also provided as starting points. The XT-DC utilizes 2 separate equalizers, the 1st dynamically tracks the initial attack while the 2nd dynamically tracks the tail.

The XT-DC will transform the character of each drum in a kit to a much greater degree than any conventional equalizercan possibly achieve. A conventional EQ operates on the attack, tail, and background noise equally. Whereas the XT-DC applies these changes specifically to the drum attack and tail. This gives you unprecedented access to nearly unlimited sounds from your existing drum tracks.

Ben Loftis, Mixbus product manager, added “Compared to traditional "drum replacement" techniques, the XT-DC preserves the drummer's natural voicing and timing. The XT-DC features Harrison’s world-class, workhorse DSP derived from our flagship digital consoles. No other plugin provides the ability to enhance and shape the sound of each individual drum in your kit like the XT-DC!”

Watch this video to learn more about the Drum Character plugin:


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