Free Prophet-based Ableton Live Pack Two-for Tuesday

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While speaking only for myself, I know there are plenty of others who also rank the Dave Smith Instruments/Sequential Prophet analog keyboards and modules high upon the “want” list. However, when the budget doesn’t allow for two or three grand for a new synth beauty, you sometimes have to live vicariously through others.

Two new free Ableton Live Pack downloads from Afro DJ Mac let you do just that through some sample-based Simpler instruments captured from the DSI Pro 2 monophonic hybrid synthesizer and the Sequential Prophet-6 polyphonic analog synth.

Certified Ableton Trainer and producer/songwriter Afro DJ Mac had been releasing Ableton Live Packs to the world for five years now, and he’s kind enough to give many of them away for free. His latest, the ADM and SympleSound Pro 2 Free Ableton Live Pack, builds off of Pro 2 samples from Francis Préve’s SympleSound for two Instrument Racks—one with long sustained sounds and one with shorter pluck or stab sounds—each with four presets. The Racks include Macro controls for selecting presets and adjusting several filter and LFO controls.

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The eight total presets give you a good idea of the Pro 2’s rich thickness, with a lot of variation possible from the Macros. And it’s also nice that you get to simulate playing the Pro 2 as a polyphonic synth. If you don’t have Ableton Live, you can still get the samples from the free downloads, but either way, it’ll leave you scratching your chin wondering if the Pro 2 is really out of your price range or not.

Another instrument for the rainy day fund, the Prophet-6, inspired the Snow Day Prophet Free Ableton Live Pack recently when Afro DJ Mac made a track made a track called "Snow Day" while homebound due to a blizzard. The mostly acoustic track uses the Prophet-6 chords to accompany the main instruments and Korg MS-20 filters sweeps, and for good measure, Mac made a Live Pack with the patch from the song included in a Rack, again with Macro controls. This Pack doesn’t show off the range of the Prophet-6 as much as the Pro 2 Pack does, but hey, it’s free! You still want it.

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Using these two Packs together in Ableton Live 9.6, I noodled around and quickly had a music bed going for a track that I didn’t want to stop playing with in order to write this post. So I deem it worth your time to check these out, and you’ll also discover a great wealth of sounds and tools that Afro DJ Mac also has accumulated on his site over five years. For you paranoids, no you do not have to give your credit card info if you’re only interested in the free downloads.