Free Max License with Every Seaboard RISE

With Every Seaboard RISE you get a License for Cycling '74's Max 7
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The touch-responsive Seaboard RISE opens up a new universe for shaping sounds and making music. Now with every Seaboard RISE you get a license for Cycling '74's Max 7, a software framework that opens another universe for experimenting with sound. In Max you connect patches using virtual cords. It’s as intuitive as an analog synthesizer yet the combinations are infinite, letting you build sounds and virtual instruments that perfectly suit you, your projects, and the spontaneous experiments that lead to amazing music.

Max removes the boundaries of traditional music software without making you learn to code. Together with the Seaboard RISE it doubles your sonic universe. Just like the RISE it’s a flexible tool for many types of music-makers — whether you want to layer a simple track or create an audiovisual symphony — and many types of music from experimental electronic to contemporary classical.

When you purchase a Seaboard RISE, enjoy a one-year license for the entire Max software environment — worth $99. You’ll also get three Max patches designed specially for the Seaboard RISE. The offers ends October 31st. Get your hands on a whole new way — two new ways! — to make music, and start exploring today.

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