Free Effects + Mega Bundle from Kilohearts

Quadelectras Anniversary Sale is On
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Go to work with the Kilohearts Toolbox

With a record-breaking 23 all new devices, the Kilohearts Toolbox is the biggest bundle to date! The combinations are literally endless with the sound design building blocks inside ranging from Chorus and Trance Gate to Reverser, Bitcrush and many more.

The Toolbox units are lean on CPU usage, yet delivering perfectly crisp audio quality so you can stack your racks top to bottom without problem. The Toolbox Bundle comes with a ReFill full of Combinator patches to help you get the most out of your new trove of sweet-sounding effects.

Included in the bundle:

kHs Bitcrush kHs Frequency Shifter kHs Resonator kHs Chorus - free kHs Gain - free kHs Reverb kHs Comb Filter kHs Gate kHs Reverser kHs Compressor kHs Haas kHs Ring Mod kHs Delay - free kHs Ladder Filter kHs Stereo - free kHs Distortion kHs Limiter - free kHs Tape Stop kHs Filter kHs Phaser kHs Trance Gate kHs Formant Filter kHs Pitch Shifter Kilohearts Toolbox ReFill


Quadelectra's 4 year anniversary bundles

Rack Extension developer Quadelectra are celebrating their four year anniversary with four bundle deals built on their popular drum and percussion modules.

Pick your flavor: Red Pack (classic house & techno), Blue Pack (Chicago House & NY Garage), Green Pack (80s) or Yellow Pack (8-bit, Euro Disco).

Each pack has four products, but you only pay for the three cheapest ones. The fourth is on Quadlelectra! But hurry up - this offer lasts until October 28th!