Forté Match - The App that Helps You Read and Play Music

Match Notes and Play Your Instrument While Racing the Clock
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Forté Match is an innovative app where you learn to read and play music by matching notes and playing your instrument - while racing the clock!

Visit the Kickstarter campaign to see it in action!

Forté's creator, James Carrington, is a professional musician and music tutor who developed the physical version of the game to help engage his young students in their music education. After seeing so many of them benefit from a fast and fun challenge in their lessons, he founded Forté to bring his skill and techniques to music learners everywhere.

"Of all my music projects so far, this is the one I'm most psyched about,˛ Carrington says. "I love teaching, and I'm so excited about releasing an app that can teach millions of students around the world. I want Forté match to reach students who can't afford private lessons or who need a new approach. Thanks to mobile devices, teaching and learning has changed completely. Maybe I'll get the opportunity to teach you!"

With Forté Match, you race the clock while you:

1. Flip cards

2. Find matches

3. Play notes

4. Score the match

Don't own an instrument yet? No worries! Play the note with Forté's on-screen piano!

It's the only game that translates notes read on a page to notes played on your instrument.

The base version of the app offered in with the Kickstarter campaign will contain over 10 levels to take anyone's music reading ability from non-existent to stellar! How many mobile games include real-world experience to teach you what you need to know? Can't touch this, Angry Birds!