EM Reviews the Korg Prologue

A polysynth with up to 16 voices and a sound all its own.
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When it comes to synths, Korg has really carved out its own niche in the past decade. The company seems to understand what musicians want; a playable synth with analog sound quality (and some digital features for convenience) that is affordable and fits particular musical concepts. For example, the lowest note on the Monologue is an E, which makes that mono-synth perfect for playing basslines in a band with guitars and basses (which have a low-E string). The Minilogue, on the other hand, is a 4-voice analog synth for the desktop with velocity-sensitive keys that is priced just under $500. And it sounds really great!

Consequently, many have already been predicting what Korg’s next step would be in its “-logue” line. As usual, the company went further than expected.

With the Prologue, Korg didn’t simply increase the voice count of a previous model: It added significant features that allow the instrument to create sounds its previous synths could not achieve. Even within the most basic patches, the Prologue’s hybrid analog/digital architecture has a sound all its own that, surprisingly, leans as much towards aggressive timbres as it does mellow analog-like tones.

A couple of weeks ago, Korg sent us a Prologue for review. Click HERE to read our full review.