Electro-Harmonix Announces the Wailer Wah Pedal

Featuring Circuitry, Sound and Tone of the Award-winning Crying Tone in a Traditional Rack and Pinion Style Pedal
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Electro-Harmonix introduces the Wailer Wah which features the circuitry, sound and tone of the award-winning Crying Tone in a traditional rack and pinion style pedal and at an extremely affordable price point.

The Wailer Wah delivers expressive wah and cocked wah sounds and, at just over 1.5 pounds, a substantial weight saving over many popular wah wah pedals. Electro-Harmonix President, Mike Matthews, stated: “Our goal was to build a wah pedal that sounds great, deliver it at an astounding low price and make it provide good weight savings for the player who has to schlep their own gear around. I am very excited about the EHX Wailer Wah.”

The Wailer Wah comes equipped with a 9V battery or can be powered by an optional 9-volt AC adapter. The pedal is available now and carries a U.S. street price of $62.75.

Demo video link:

Product Home Page: http://www.ehx.com/products/wailer-wah