Dualo Du-Touch S Hexaogonal Keyboard Looper on Kickstarter

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The term “flavor of the month” gets bandied about a lot, but that’s about the frequency with which a new Kickstarter project claims it’s going to change the way people create music, all without have to learn difficult fingering and theory.

Who are we to say these projects won’t change music making? Anything’s possible. These projects always seem to make their goal. The latest flavor, the Dualo Du-Touch S, was at $226,000 (over a $57,000 goal) with four days left on its campaign when this post published.

The Du-Touch S follows up on the 2014 Du-Touch double-sided hexagonal keyboard electronic instrument (pictured right, black) but with more features and even more user-friendliness. It has 52 internal instrument sounds—including drums, guitar, piano, bass and synths, as well as a 7-track looper. The keyboards supposedly place notes in proximity to the other notes that will sound good with it, and LEDs guide you to them.

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Right away, that seems to imply the the music most likely to come out of the Du-Touch S will be limited in its variety, but let’s let the Dualo’s lead Kickstarter video explain it further:

The Du-Touch S also includes effects, 2 GB of memory for loops and samples, motion sensors and touch sensors. Included Du-Station software for Mac/PC/Linus lets you update the instrument, and exchange files, and you can also use it as a MIDI controllers for software over USB.

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So how much would you expect to pay for the Du-Touch S?
$341? Nope, all those units are gone.
$398? Nuh-uh. Sold out.
$455? If you’re quick, you may be able to grab one at that price before the Kickstarter campaign ends. The estimated retail price for the Du-Touch S, which is supposed to ship in December 2016, is 499 euros, or about $569.

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Dualo says that using three levels of tutorials, you can go from nothing to creating competent music in 15 days. Maybe that’s true.
You may not have to learn how to play traditional keyboard or guitar to make great music, and even if that’s not your plan for the Du-Touch S, it could still be a complement for guitarists or a portable idea generator the way some of the photos depict.

However, you’re still going to have to commit to learning the Du-Touch S to get the most out of it. As proof, check out their video for “The Real Slim Shady” remix done on the instrument. If you think you’re going to be able to just sit down and do that kind of thing right off the bat, please stand up.