August 1, 2018 - DEXIBELL announces the release of the VIVO SX7 digital piano sound module to North America.

For musicians and producers looking to utilize the extraordinary Dexibell VIVO piano sound engine while using their current keyboard or class-compliant MIDI controller, the all-new VIVO SX7 is the most exciting piano sound module available today. Designed for desktop, rig, or rack-mounted use, the high-quality VIVO SX7 is presented in a beautiful, ultra-compact anodized aluminum body; handmade in Italy.

The VIVO SX7 offers all of the unique benefits of Dexibell’s patented T2L (True to Life) suite of sounds and technologies perfect for multiple applications including stage, studio, and production environments. Dexibell’s Best-In-Class T2L (True to Life) features include:

  • High-definition tone (24-bit and 48KHz): cutting-edge, pure sound recordings featuring over 15 seconds of state-of-the-art sampling produce a realism unlike anything heard before in a digital piano sound module.
  • Modeling: every tone’s characteristics and behavior is recreated to perfection and fully customizable to the performer’s musical taste and touch.
  • Unlimited polyphony: with sympathetic resonance and full acoustic overtones, Dexibell’s high-powered quad-core computer and 320 oscillators produce truly unlimited polyphony.
  • Unlimited sounds: in addition to 79 of the industry’s highest quality tones onboard, the VIVO SX7 comes with 1.5 GB memory and Dexibell’s revolutionary new AQUAVIVA 4.0 operating system, allowing the user to load new superior sounds from our sound library, transmitted through a single USB cable.
  • Seamless sound changes: sounds and effects are designed for seamless transition during sound changes or memory recalls to avoid musical interruption.
  • USB Memory port: now also supports MIDI protocol so that any keyboard, by any manufacturer, can be directly connected via USB without the presence of a computer.
  • USB Computer port: can now run MIDI and Audio at 24-bit 48 KHz simultaneously—no need for an audio interface.

“Today’s musician be they performer, producer, or studio engineer demands the highest quality sound with state of the art technology, maximum versatility, and complete portability that can be paired with the musician’s existing keyboard or MIDI controller, and all at an affordable price,” says Antonio Ferranti, President of Dexibell North America. “The all-new Dexibell VIVO SX7 delivers with industry-leading tone and technology, all packed into the industry’s most powerful, compact sound module. From the studio to the stage, from the classroom to the church, the VIVO SX7 will bring world-class tone and technology to your current gear, software, and project.” 

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