Dexibell Releases the Portable VIVO S1 Digital Piano in North America

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Los Angeles, CA (April 25, 2018). Today DEXIBELL announces the release of the VIVO S1 digital piano in North America.

The VIVO S1 is a professional quality 68-key digital piano with light-weighted hammer-action keyboard in a pure aluminum body. For musicians on-the-go, it has the capability to operate on plug-in power or standard AA batteries and is bluetooth-enabled, making this an extremely portable and versatile instrument. Weighing less than 19 lbs, it is the lightest professional quality digital stage piano on the market. The VIVO S1 keyboard packs the latest technology and features without sacrificing quality.

Keeping the serious musician in mind, the VIVO S1 includes DEXIBELL’s patented T2L (True to Life) technologies including:

  • High definition tone (24-bit and 48KHz): cutting-edge, pure living sound featuring over 15 seconds of state of the art sampling produce an acoustic realism unlike anything heard before in a digital piano.
  • Modeling: every tone’s characteristics and behavior is recreated to perfection and fully customizable to the performer’s musical taste and touch.
  • Unlimited polyphony: with sympathetic resonance and full acoustic overtones, DEXIBELL’s high-powered quad-core computer and 320 oscillators produce truly unlimited polyphony.
  • Seamless patch change: sounds and effects are designed for seamless transition during patch changes or memory recalls to avoid interruption.

Additionally, the VIVO S1 introduces:

  • Virtual Damper Pedal: allows the musician to perform by fully sustaining notes and passages without the use of a physical pedal.
  • AQUAVIVA OS: DEXIBELL’s revolutionary operating system that allows audio and midi functionality to be transmitted through a single USB cable, eliminating the need for digital audio interfaces and giving the musician ultimate control over their music and gear.

“Today’s musician demands the highest quality gear, state of the art technology, maximum versatility, and complete portability,” said Antonio Ferranti, President of DEXIBELL North America. “The VIVO S1 delivers with new standard-setting tone, touch, and technology, all packed into the industry’s lightest and most attractive keyboard instrument. From the studio to the stage, the VIVO S1 has it all.”

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