Choose Your Axes: Novation's 3x Giveaway

You pick the 3 Novation products you want to win.
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Everyone loves free stuff. We'll admit it: product giveaways are instant click bait for websites. But how about a giveaway that lets you pick your own haul of gratis gear? If someone wants to lavish you with a pre-ordained bounty of free goodies just for entering a draw, few are ever going to complain about that.

But Novation's stepping it up with a novel concept that should probably be done more often: you choose. You decide the which three beautiful, multi-colored LED pad controllers, analog bass synths or USB hub interfaces you want. It's like the gift card of giveaways. How about an Audiohub interface with a Circuit sequencer and an SL MKII keyboard to connect to it? Or an Ableton Live control trio: a Launchkey, Launchpad Pro and Launch Control XL? Or what about an amazing synth pack: a MiniNova, UltraNova and the analog Bass Station II?

All you have to do is tell them what you want and what you'll do with it. Okay, enough blabbing. We're telling you there's a chance, and you know you want to enter for it right here. Entries close on December 18!

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