Casio celebrates “Music in our Schools Month”

Casio’s Step-Up Lesson System, Lighted Keys, and Duet Mode Features Help Students Embrace Music

DOVER, NJ, February 27, 2015 – Music offers inspiration, creativity and expression for students of every level. In celebration of the 30th anniversary of ‘Music in Our Schools Month,’ which was designated by The National Association for Music Education, Casio America, Inc. is encouraging individuals this March to embrace their inner musician. As an electronic musical instrument manufacturer for more than thirty-five years, Casio is committed to providing educators and students across the nation with the digital pianos and keyboards they need to take their love of music to the next level.

‘Music in Our Schools Month’ is a time to reflect on how music education truly benefits students’ growth and stimulates development and creativity. Research shows that being educated in music progresses students in other subject areas, such as mathematics, and the skills learned can be used for everyday activities. Examples of this can be found in Casio’s education book, Fostering Mathematical Thinking Through Music, which illustrates that cognitive connections between music and mathematics do exist, as many math teachers have musical talents and the majority of math students have an interest in music overall. Chapters in this volume draw parallels between the two subjects, including topics that highlight the relationships between pitch and ratios, musical transformations and trigonometry, and more.

“As a leader in the electronic musical instrument industry, it is Casio’s philosophy to support music education and deliver tools to help foster the growth of young musicians,” said Stephen Schmidt, vice president of Casio’s Electronic Musical Instruments Division. “Music in Our Schools Month is a perfect time for students to embrace their inner musician, and it is our hope that with the right tools, students will realize their true passion for music now and throughout their lives.”

Casio’s electronic musical instruments offer a comprehensive feature-set geared to enrich the overall learning experience. For example, Casio’s Sound EFX sampling keyboards, including the CTK-2400, LK-170, LK-175 and LK-260, are equipped with a built-in microphone for recording sounds and integrating them into songs and Casio’s Step-Up Lesson System, which enables beginners to learn 152 built-in songs phase-by-phase at their own individual pace. With the LCD display, students can learn both music notation and correct hand positioning, while Casio’s innovative lesson system evaluates performance so users can track their progress. In addition, the LK-170, LK-175 and LK-260 allow students to practice their skills with the help of a lighted 61-Key Piano Style Touch-Response keyboard, which in turn makes learning both fun and entertaining.

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