CapoTouch analyzes and transcribes music from your iTunes library

SuperMegaUltraGroovy, the makers of the powerful Capo music-recognition software for Mac OSX, now release Capo Touch for iPad, which can analyze music in your iTunes library and help you learn it, as if by magic.
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WATERLOO, ONTARIO, July 10, 2014—SuperMegaUltraGroovy, Inc. today announced the
release of Capo touch—the iOS version of the company’s award-winning Mac app for learning to
play songs in your iTunes library faster and more accurately. Capo touch features Chord
Intelligence—now also available on the Mac with Capo 3.1—that delivers improved chord

detection accuracy and a wider chord detection vocabulary.

What's New in Capo touch?
• Fully automatic chord detection with Capo's brand new Chord Intelligence engine
• Guitar chord box display with quick selection of alternate ways to play a chord
• Automatic beat detection with bar/beat display for easy region looping and metronome
count-off for practice
• Seamless integration with iTunes to access your music library
• Landscape view, easy scrolling, touch zooming, and other user interface improvements
• Independent speed and pitch controls to listen to fast licks slowly or change the key of any
• Excellent sound quality even when played considerably slower
• iCloud Sync between all your devices (Mac and iOS)

“Guitarists and other musicians who want to learn new songs quickly and easily while on the go
will simply love Capo touch for iOS,” said Chris Liscio, president, SuperMegaUltraGroovy, Inc.
"Given the success we had with Capo 3 on the Mac, we were able to invest further in the R&D to
build Chord Intelligence—our breakthrough new chord detection engine based on the principles
of speech recognition and machine learning. We're pleased to make it available today for your
iPhone, iPad, and Mac.”

Capo touch offers musicians the same power and versatility they have on the Mac with Capo 3 in
an even more portable design. The app features the essential tools of instantly importing a song
from your iTunes library, automatically detecting its chords, and showing how to play them using
helpful guitar chord boxes. It can slow down the tempo without changing pitch while you learn,
and transpose the song to any key with a simple pitch slider. Optional metronome, looping, EQ
and "karaoke-style" voice reduction make Capo 3 and now Capo touch valuable tools for
musicians whether in the studio, rehearsal or on tour.

“Capo is changing the way musicians learn to play music in an intuitive and flexible way," said
Liscio. "I’m excited to show the music community why Capo's approach continues to receive so
many awards and honors.” The Mac version of Capo has received an Apple Design Award, the
MacWorld Editor’s Choice Award, and hit #1 for Music Apps on the Mac App Store. Capo 3 was
named by Apple one of the 30 Amazing Apps to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Mac and
has been praised by many Grammy-winning musicians (