Buy or Sell Remote Access to Synths, Studios and More Through the Audio Hunt

The Audio Hunt website lets you buy or sell access to top-quality studio gear of all kinds, arranged with high-res audio files or MIDI files over the Internet.
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We’ve all had GAS (gear aquisition syndrome) and/or gear envy, gear lust, etc., where we dream of owning everything we can fit in our apartment that’s way too small because we’re spending all our money on studio equipment.

Alternately, some of us may wonder how much better our music could be if we only had access to the kind of pro studios with all the best processors, mixing boards and tape machines that seem so inaccessible.

Well, as we know, the Internet has been shrinking the distance between people for many years. While the relatively small music industry takes a while to catch up, we’ve seen many music business connector sites cropping up, such as Splice for music collaboration and Vocalizr for matching vocalists with producers.

The latest one promises to give you an outlet to relieve your wistfulness for “unattainable” gear. The Audio Hunt lets studio owners and independent producers, engineers, arrangers, synthesists, etc. create listings for the remote access to their best gear and services. Interested parties then contact the lister and arrange details for exchange high-res audio files to process, mix or master, or MIDI files to be recorded through high-end synths or drum machines.

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Prices are set on a per-track, per-channel, per-song, per-album, etc. basis, and the money exchanges are mediated through The Audio Hunt site.

Any user can both create listings for services and/or gear, as well as seek out the services and others, so besides gaining access to studios, professionals and classic gear in any location around the world, you can also use The Audio Hunt to earn some money through your own talents and/or prized equipment.

The Audio Hunt’s listing categories include Channel Strips, Drum Machines, Dynamics, Effects, EQs, Mixers, Synths and Tape. The professional services offered include mastering, mixing, reamping and a catch-all Services heading where people advertise anything from arrangements to drum alignment and vocal tuning.

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There are still some holes in each category, where if you have unique talents or some really high-quality boutique and/or vintage gear, you could capitalize on this new site.

However, while the site is still relatively new, if you’re looking to buy rather than sell, you can find nearly every highly-prized and legendary processor, mixing board, etc. for you to rent for your tracks. In most cases, the prices are set by channel or track, and the price usually lands at about $8-25 per channel or track. (Prices also show up in British pounds, euros, etc.)

For the most part, files will be exchanged as high-res WAV or AIFF, in the 16-32 bit and 44.1-192kHz ranges. Some situations may also involve exchanging Pro Tools or other DAW sessions.

Everyone from bedroom masters to pro studios like Secret World Studios and Boulevard Recording in Hollywood and the Beatie Boys’ Oscillosope Labs in New York are hawking their ware and skills on The Audio Hunt. The site also designates Certified Pro accounts on a user’s profile page.

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Below is just a partial list of some of the beautiful audio gear to be accessed through The Audio Hunt, but there are plenty more for you to browse.


Fairchild 670
Urei 1176 & 1178
Teletronix LA-2A
Manley Labs Vari-Mu
Empirical Labs Distressor
Eventide Omnipressor
Summit Audio TLA-50
Neumann u473
Universal Audio LA-6176 Vintage Channel Strip
API Audio 7600 channel strip
Neve 31105 mixing board
SSL AWS console


Roland Space Echo RE-201
Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo
Lexicon 480L, 960L, PCM41, PCM42, PCM60, PCM70, PCM80, PCM90
Eventide H3000, H8000 or DSP 4000 Ultra Harmonizer
Yamaha SPX-900, SPX-990
TC Electronic System 6000, Finalizer 96K
Alesis Midiverb II
Ruper Neve 5042


Neve 1073
Maag Audio EQ4
Klein & Hummel
Dangerous Music
Chandler Limited

Synths & Drum Machines

Oakley modular
Roland, Jupiter-8, SH-5, Juno-6, SH-101, TB-303, System 100M, TR-808, TR-505 JD-Xi
Eurorack Modular
Sequential Prophet 5, Pro-One,
Yamaha DX-7, Motif XS8
Fairlight CMI
Access Virus
DSI Evolver, Pro 2, Tempest analog drum macjhine
Moog Minimoog Voyager, Sub Phatty, Memorymoog Plus
Oberheim Xpander
Waldorf Blofeld, Rocket
Mellotron M4000D Mini
Arp Odyssey, 2600
Korg MS-20, Prophecy, Polysix