Bösendorfer Debuts the Butterfly Limited Edition Piano

An Exclusive Offering for Design-Savvy Music Lovers
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: An Elegant Piece of Musical Art

—An Exclusive Offering for Design-Savvy Music Lovers —

The new Butterfly Limited Edition Model is the third in a series of special edition marquetry pianos from Bösendorfer, the premier manufacturer of unique, handcrafted, special design instruments. Instead of a regular polished ebony or wood finish, the delicate floral and butterfly motif and special cabinet design elevates what is already a world-class acoustic piano into a free standing piece of art.

“There is an increased demand for customized pianos, and the Butterfly piano is one of the finest ever created,” says Simon Oss, marketing manager of premium pianos at Yamaha Corporation of America. “When making a financial investment in a piano, people look for an instrument that also makes a design statement in their homes, and they want it to be unique.”

The exclusivity of the Limited Editions is another strong selling point: only nine of these pianos will be sold worldwide, and two have already been sold.

In keeping with the Viennese tradition of incorporating art into the craft of piano-making, the unique design on the inside of the lid recreates a beautiful scene from nature, inspired by the Viennese Schönbrunn Palace and the Imperial Butterfly House. “The back story makes the piano more remarkable and beautiful, adding value aesthetically that other pianos don't,” Oss says. “Another interesting aspect of the design is the inclusion of eight butterflies; a number considered as lucky by Asian cultures. The butterflies symbolize love, romance, happiness, immortality and rebirth.”

The Butterfly — like its predecessors in the marquetry series, the Hummingbird and Schönbrunn models — is created by using the traditional sand shading technique on the colored wood. Veneers used within the marquetry inlay include tulip wood, English and American burr walnut, birds eye maple, ripple sycamore, myrtle burr, silky oak, and eucalyptus.

Pricing and Availability

The Bösendorfer Butterfly Limited Edition Model (MSRP: $198,999) will ship in January.

For more information, visit http://4wrd.it/BosendorferTour