Blue Debuts Lola Headphones

A Sealed, Over-Ear High-Fidelity Headphone
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Lola is a completely reimagined headphone that brings new levels of detail to your listening experience. It’s a headphone the true music listener—designed to help you get closer to your music, not just make a fashion statement. Everything from Lola’s revolutionary form and fit to its massive custom drivers was designed to help you rediscover your favorite music. Looking for an amped up version of Lola? Check out MO-FI with a built-in audiophile amplifier.

Lola, a sealed, over-ear high-fidelity headphone that is both accurate and inspiring. Lola shares the same custom 50mm drivers and radical holistic design as the acclaimed Mo-Fi headphone, but introduces a new slim-fit headband and lighter weight design for those who don't need the power of an amp. The result is a headphone that delivers the accuracy of reference monitors while also providing that emotional inspiration that is so critical for songwriting and producing.

“Editor’s Choice” - PC Magazine

“the Mustang GT of headphones" - Inside Hook

“one of the best-sounding, clearest headphones I've tried”- Tech Times

Meet Lola:

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