Audiomodern Releases Brand New Glitchverb & Ryoji Plugins

Two All-New M4L Plugins
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Two all-new M4L Plugins that

to join the Max-For-Live plugin palette, Glitchverb & Ryoji

Glitchverb is a modern reverb plugin that features a big bassy, heavy sounding compression reverb sound, but without actually compressing.

Ryoji, a unique experimental plugin that is influenced by Japan's leading electronic composer and visual artist Ryoji Ikeda.

Both developed by Ernesto Cecco D¹Ortona [ StrangeLines ] to provide a premium M4L experience for Ableton Live. These exceptional devices will soon stand out for their special features and most important.. their unique sound.

About Audiomodern

Founded in 2014 by composer | sound designer & developer Max Million together with some highly skilled worldwide artists & sound designers in order to create, develope and deliver custom tools for audio production and music composition , while building a strong network with people who share the same passion as ours.