Audiogaming introduces 64-bit, AAX, and touch support

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Next-generation audio tools
AudioWind and AudioRain were successfully launched in 2012 and have been used since in many different contexts, from big Hollywood blockbusters like Django Unchained to arty video games like Type:Rider. Pursuing its support of the latest industry standards, Audiogaming starts 2014 by releasing new versions of AudioWind and AudioRain.

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AAX, 64Bit and OSC support
After AudioMotors V2 Pro, AudioGaming continues to bring AAX, 64bit and OSC (Open Sound Control) support to the world’s first commercial procedural audio plug-ins. In addition to the essential AAX and 64bit support, OSC control adds the touch dimension for complete ergonomic control of the procedural audio synthesis. TouchOSC and Lemur templates are available for free (

A short video to demonstrate AudioWind & AudioRain Pro in action is available here:

AudioWind Pro allows you to create all types of wind, from a simple breeze to a huge storm. It comes with numerous presets that can be used as a basis for original creations. AudioRain Pro manages rain sounds like a drizzle or a monsoon. It comes with numerous presets.AudioWind and AudioRain are 290€ each, and the bundle AudioWeather is priced at 445€.

Next product
The team is now busy finishing the actively demanded support of 64 bit/AAX/OSC for its latest plug-in AudioSteps and is also working on a new plug-in for the world of music. With its unique world class R&D and its creative know-how, Audiogaming will surely propose an original approach for music creators in 2014. 

A word on procedural audio
Procedural audio synthesis techniques give a total control of every modeling parameter and provide dynamic fine tuning automation possibilities. It gives the opportunity to achieve results that were impossible to obtain with pre-recorded audio files. Realistic or completely creative sounds, it’s up to the sound designer to decide.

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