Apple rumored to have acquired soft synth developer Camel Audio

Corporate registry information points to acquisition of Camel Audio by Apple, via
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FEBRUARY 24, 2015 -- Just before NAMM, we got the news that the website of popular soft synth developer Camel Audio (makers of Alchemy) was displaying a message saying they had ceased all operations. As of this writing, a support page is all that remains. Among industry manufacturers and journalists at the NAMM show, there was more than a little chatter that the sudden shutdown was ahead of, indeed because of, a rumored acquisition by Apple. People speculated that Apple was looking to beef up the still capable but aging virtual instrument complement in Logic Pro, citing uncorroborated, can’t-name-names reports they’d heard from a guy who knew a guy.

It appears there is now more fuel for that fire, as reported by the site The two key pieces of evidence are that according to corporate registry Companies House, Camel Audio’s address has been changed to one identical with Apple’s London office, and that Camel’s director is now listed as Heather Joy Morrison, who is an Apple lawyer.

We have contacted Apple with a request for comment and will keep you updated when and if they respond. They have, however, responded to other media outlets with a general reply that Apple acquires smaller companies periodically but typically does not comment further. A slightly more detailed scoop is available at the source link below.