Analog Outfitters to exhibit MIDI controllers made from vintage Hammond organ parts at NAMM 2014

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Nov. 13th, 2013 – Vintage audio specialists and instrument manufacturers Analog Outfitters have announced that they will be attending the upcoming 2014 NAMM tradeshow. The company specializes in creating an unparalleled musical experience with an eco-friendly twist. Utilizing unused or unwanted Hammond organ components, they have created two product lines of guitar amplifiers and MIDI controllers that are as unprecedented as they are unique.

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Over the past year the company has been met with curiosity and recognition by industry professionals including Jeff Ament [Pearl Jam], Nels Cline [Wilco], Dr. Lonnie Smith, John Scofield, Charlie Sexton [Bob Dylan], and Kevin Breit [Sisters Euclid]. Their custom designed BAD Lieutenant bass amplifier is currently on tour with Pearl Jam and their newest addition to their guitar amplifier lineup, the Super SARGE, is to be featured on the newest Wilco album.

Analog Outfitters will be showcasing several new product innovations at the upcoming NAMM expo including their new line of ORGANic MIDI controllers. Retrofitted from Hammond organs, this series of keyboard controllers and accessories provides a digital MIDI interface designed to offer the exact feel and control delivered by traditional Hammond B3 organs without the cumbersome weight, delicate construction, or temperamental tendency to break down. These ORGANic controllers utilize actual Hammond keys, drawbars, and switches while still possessing Leslie speaker compatibility, making them ideal for touring professionals, recording artists, and even venue and rental companies who want more reliability from their organ without sacrificing its raw, vintage nature.

Analog Outfitters’ newest model of guitar amplifier, the Super SARGE, will also be on display. The result of a collaboration with Nels Cline of Wilco, this amplifier is a 30 watt revision of their original SARGE amplifier. This revamp offers more headroom and power than its 15 watt counterpart while employing the same great tone the SARGE is known for. These guitar amplifiers utilize vintage Hammond amp chassis, transformers, and other components to generate exceptional tone and energy. Since the inception of the Super SARGE the company has seen increasing interest from professional artists such as Jeff Ament and Loren Ellis [Easton Corbin].

Analog Outfitters is based out of Champaign, IL. Over the last decade they have developed into a world class manufacturer of vintage style musical instruments. The company strives to keep the rich, classic culture of quality vintage electronics alive in the modern music world while reducing its environmental impact by salvaging components from time-honored equipment.

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