Acoustica Releases Free Nightlife Virtual Synthesizer

Nightlife VST Plug-in is a Free, Programmable Megasynth
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-- Nightlife VST plug-in is a free, programmable megasynth, including 15 filter types, a unique automatable vowel filter, four LFO's, multi-fx, and five built-in mod sequencers! --

Acoustica is pleased to announce the release of Nightlife, a fun and inspiring VST virtual synthesizer instrument. Nightlife is a FREE download, compatible with all Windows 32-bit VST hosts. Packed with bone-rattling basses, other-worldly pads, beat-synced arpeggiated patterns, and tons more, Nightlife is the ideal choice for modern dance, EDM, or trance styles.

About Nightlife

Featuring three oscillators, five built-in mod sequencers, dual filters with fifteen filter types plus a vowel filter, four LFO's, flexible mod matrix, a bit crusher, and five killer effects, Nightlife is a programmable synthesis powerhouse. For users who just want to rock the house without a lot of pushing the mouse, Nightlife includes a ton of edgy and provocative presets. Create captivating patterns with five independent, beat-synced mod sequencers. Routable to filters, pitch, amplitude, and more, each mod sequencer can have up to 32 steps. Nightlife's unique Vowel Filter lets you create vocal-like timbres with an easy and fun "bouncing ball" graphic interface. Visit to download Nightlife and to learn more.

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About Acoustica

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