30 Percent Discount on Vienna Winds Collections

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Vienna, June 1, 2013– The Vienna Symphonic Library team announces a one-month limited time offer with major discounts on theirWinds Collections. The 30% discount applies to allStandard LibrariesofVienna Instruments Collectionsin theWindscategory, except for bundles andSingle Instruments.

Woodwinds and Brassfrom Piccolo Flute to Contrabass Tuba

The nineVienna Instruments Winds Collectionsinclude recordings of 42 solo instruments and 13 ensembles, covering the complete range of symphonic woodwind and brass instruments at the apex of authenticity:Woodwinds I & II,Special Woodwinds,Brass I & II,Special Brass,Vienna Dimension Brass(featuring 4 brass ensembles of four players each),SaxophonesandRecorders. Even rare instruments such as Wagner tuba, cimbasso, cornet, basset horn, heckelphone and oboe d’amore are sampled in detail, providing a treasure trove of all-new combinations and arrangements that may expand beyond the symphonic context. The 30% discount during the month of June, 2013 applies to all of the above-mentionedStandard Libraries, except for specially pricedBundles(e.g.,Winds Complete,Woodwinds Bundle,Brass Bundle) andSingle Instruments.

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About the Vienna Symphonic Library

The Vienna Symphonic Library is an innovative, research-driven music software and sample library developer based in Vienna, Austria. The team continually strives to improve virtual orchestral music production with a special emphasis on authenticity and ease-of-use. 
Vienna Instruments, the company’s multi-award-winning virtual instruments in the formats AU, VST, AAX Native, and RTAS, encompass an exhaustive range of solo instruments and ensembles, from their flagshipSymphonic Cubeto special instruments such as theVienna Konzerthaus Organ,theVienna Imperialgrand piano, saxophones, upright bass, and even distorted guitar.Vienna Instruments PROis the most powerful software sample player on the market, providing Auto Humanization, Polyphonic Legato, Enveloped Time Stretching, Adjustable Tuning Scales as well as an internal Auto-Playback and Pattern Sequencer.Vienna MIR PROandVienna MIR PRO 24are network-capable mixing and reverberation solutions for Macs and PCs, based on Multi-Impulse Response convolution.Vienna Ensemble PRO 5is a universal mixing-host for stand-alone and cross-platform network applications with full parameter automation and 3rdparty plug-in support. TheVienna Suiteaudio plug-ins encompass eleven high-end mixing and mastering tools, such as convolution reverb, hybrid reverb, equalizer and master equalizer, limiter and multiband limiter, compressor, exciter, and others. More information on the company’s products can be found atwww.vsl.co.atand atwww.ilio.com.