3 Days Left to Save on Omnisphere 2 Patch Collections

Three Days Left! Get PULSAR + Fire Water Together for Just $50
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Three Days Left! Get PULSAR + Fire Water Together for Just $50!

Latest patch libraries for Omnisphere 2* are $20 off when you purchase both together through August 31, 2016.

With well over 200 patches combined in PULSAR and Fire Water, you'll find inspiration whether you're scoring for film, television, video games, or your next pop/club sensation. As an added bonus, PULSAR was just updated with 16 brand new patches that add mysterious beauty, dramatic tension, and suspenseful undertones to the collection.

For more information about each patch library including videos and audio demos, click each image below:

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"When I go through an Omnisphere library I rate each sound as I listen. The sounds that I rate 4 to 5 stars are the ones I will most likely use in the future. This library had many of them rated as 4 to 5 stars....I will definitely be utilizing these sounds." -Danny Lux (Grey's Anatomy, The Bachelor, Impastor)

Contact your favorite dealer or shop at ILIO to get PULSAR + Fire Water now before this deal expires!