2018 NAMM Picks - Day 3

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1. PNOscan-OT

QRS Music has worked with MIDI piano connections for a long time, and this new piece takes their technologies to the next level. Sitting against the fallboard over the keybed, the new OT (“over the top’) uses physical sensors for a more stable midi connection. The OT is due out later this year:


2. Touché 

This unique touch surface was unexpected delight. Think of it as a dimensional touchpad for your synthesizer. It moves down and up, side to side and front to back, affecting a wide range of effects and parameters, all programmable. There are also hardware and software presets for connecting to synths as well as a variety of universal templates. 


3. Vermona ‘14 Analog Synthesizer

In the modular section of NAMM, most synths don’t have keyboards attached so this offering was on an anomaly. German-built, this synth felt like a solid instrument. We only had a few minutes to play with it, but it left us wanting more. If you want one, move fast - they’re only making 222 units!


4. Mellotron Micro

This tiny, two-octave Mellotron packs a punch, giving any keyboard player a wide library of sounds at their fingertips. With such a small footprint, the Micro would be easy to include in your live rig to get that classic Mellotron sound.


5. Strohmenger Butterfly Piano 

While it might not be the finest piano at the show, the whimsical design makes for a inspiring instrument for younger folks. From the superb paint job and winged lid, right down to the glitter-coated soundboard, there's a lot to love about this intriguing winged creature.