2018 NAMM Picks - Day 2

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Our five favorites from Day 2!


1. Yamaha CP1 Stage Piano

This digital piano has been Yamaha's gold standard for years. But under the hood, it has one feature that its sister keyboard the CP4 doesn’t - to replicate the classic sounds of the DX7, Yamaha has included a six-operator chip for accurate frequency modeling (FM) synthesis. Add to that a very playable keybed with wooden keys and you have a dynamite keyboard for the stage or studio.


2. Neuman Prototype

This futuristic keyboard won’t be out for a while, but what an exciting development it is! The entire top of the keyboard is a long interactive touchscreen, enabling an unparalleled ability to control and edit sounds and effects. It currently uses Kontakt for sounds, but it is intended to have its own sampled sound library.


3. Yudo Kami-Oto

This cardboard synth attracted a lot of curious onlookers at NAMM, but it’s actually fully-functional and a ton of fun to play for both kids and adults. Whether it’s a tool or a toy is in the eye of the beholder!


4. Seiler ED126M and ED132M

Truly one of the coolest developments in the acoustic piano world. With this technology, there are opposing magnets placed on the jack and the hammer in the piano's action, which enables a more rapid repetition. This replicates the repetition lever from a grand piano, (which isn't found on traditional vertical upright models). It delivers a smooth and very playable action once reserved exclusively for their German uprights, it's now available on their widespread Asian models.


5. Hammond SKx

This new dual-manual portable organ from Hammond is as lightweight as you can get, while still retaining a truly authentic organ sound. Its Leslie simulation is as good as ever, and the range of sounds is robust. The SKx is definitely worthy of its pedigree and should save a lot roadies from bruising their backs!