Moogfest Announces Art and Architecture Installations

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ASHEVILLE, NC – April 22 - Moogfest, the innovative music festival in Asheville, NC April 23-27th, in keeping with its standard of what Complex calls "forward-thinking creativity", is presenting a collection of art and architecture installations in partnership with The Media Arts Project, Aloft Hotels, and Clemson School of Architecture.

Over the last 50 years, Bob Moog and his company Moog Music have created technology that has given artists the ability to create and express themselves in new and limitless ways. Moogfest honors this spirit of innovation through a five day festival that highlights the intersection of art, music, performance and technology.

Moogfest and The Media Arts Project, or MAP, issued a call to artists in October 2013, powered by Aloft Hotels. Design teams were asked to propose a freestanding, rapidly deployable temporary structure or installation that embodies Moog's interdisciplinary and innovative philosophy. Designs had to enhance the experience of the user by engaging multimedia and multi-sensory experiences of sound, structure, materiality, light and form. The objective was for each entry to emphasize the intersection of art and technology.

Clemson's senior architecture students collaborated to add a unique placemaking design to the array of Moogfest installations. The project draws from both Asheville's unique downtown landscape and the temporary nature of a festival. The pop-up architectural installation, created as part of the students' spring project, is based on the idea of connectivity and pop-up urbanism at Moogfest. The installation creates an environment to relax and recharge, both literally and figuratively. There will be cell phone charging stations, shipping containers converted into office space, custom-made seats within the groundscape, and a pixalated canopy shading the entire area.

These installations will be located in the Moogfest footprint running along Lexington Avenue toward Broadway and the MoogFactory, turning the street into an interactive art playground. They are all free and open to the public Wednesday 4/23 at noon through Sunday 4/27 at 6pm. Lexington Ave. from Hiawassee to the 240 overpass will be closed to car traffic at 6pm on Thursday night.