TRACK PICK - The Night Game's "Do You Think About Us"

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We're choosing The Night Game's "Do You Think About Us" featuring Caroline Polachek as our featured track this week.

“My junior year of high school I visited a musical theater college in Cincinnati, the same one my girlfriend at the time ended up going to," Martin Johnson aka The Night Game tells us. "She went on to meet the love of her life there and they're married now with two beautiful kids. I suppose everyone thinks about the sliding doors. What if we made the train we were supposed to miss? What if I got on that plane and went to school instead of climbing into that dirty 15 passenger van? I’d probably have a few less tattoos. Maybe a little less back pain from touring with an 18 pound Les Paul all those years. Maybe we’d still be together. Probably not. Either way, from time to time, usually when its late or driving home after a failed first date I do wonder... “do you think about us?” We tried a couple different features on this song because believability and vulnerability were both really important. It needed to be the right voice to tell the story. I had been working with a version of the song where I was temped in singing the female part for months when Caroline and I met in Echo Park with a big group of people and became fast friends. We went for a hike the next day and were talking about writing together and I played her the song in my car. She said “I like this. Do you want me to try to sing it?” I suppose it was as simple as that. I’m really grateful to have her a part of it -- she's an incredible vocalist and performer both in the booth and on stage.” 

The Night Game's forthcoming debut album is out September 7 on Vertigo/Interscope Records, produced by Grammy-Award winning François Tétaz and featuring special guests and collaborators including Polachek, Gotye, and Kirin J Callinan. 

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