THURSDAY TRACK PICK - TAUK's "Recreational Outrage”

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Keyboard is proud to premiere the animated video for TAUK's new single "Recreational Outrage" as our THURSDAY TRACK PICK this week.

Guitarist Matt Jalbert tells us, "This video shows the evolution of the 'Shapeshifter' that started in our 'Checkmate' video. 'Recreational Outrage' has an aggressive energy throughout and director/animator Dugan Warmoth was able to capture that, creating an entire unique world. We get zipped around a lab where the ‘Shapeshifter' has broken loose and taken control. It's an exciting ride that leads to this thing finally taking on it's next form.” 

Director and animator Warmoth adds, "The music for 'Recreational Outrage' took me on a journey, so I knew the animated video had to do the same. The song's fluid grooves and computer tones inspired me to create a piece that fused organic elements with A.I. I wanted to create a voyage for the viewer that showcased the listening experience."

"Recreational Outrage" is on the band's new release Shapeshifter II: Outbreak, out September 28, 2018. For information and tour dates visit